Liner 09 - Plastic Liner for the Inside of Coolers (3 pack)

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$ 15.99
Condition: New

This is a quality protective liner for coolers/ice chests. The sanitary liner adheres to the inside rim of your cooler and is disposable, keeping the inside of your cooler clean and free of debris.

Liner 9 is designed to fit these coolers:
Coleman 50 Quart Extreme 5 Day, Igloo 50 Quart Max Cold, Igloo 70 Quart MaxCold 5 Day, Coleman 54 Quart Steel Belted, Igloo 48 Quart Island Breeze, Igloo 50 Quart Marine Ultra, Igloo 50 Quart MaxCold Side Handle, Igloo 60 Quart Island Breeze Side Handle, Rubbermaid 50 Quart 5 Day Dura Side Drain, Coleman 48 Quart Chest Original Handle, Coleman 56 Quart Wheelie End Handle, Igloo 48 Quart Marine Ultra, Igloo 52 Quart Sportsman Chest, Igloo 48 QuartMarine Fold-out End Handle, Coleman 36 Quart Xtreme 5 Day, Rubbermaid 60 Quart Side Telescoping Handle

Note: Drain Plug Not Offered In This Liner

See our cooler sizing chart if you don't see your cooler here. The chart will tell you which liner is right for your cooler/ice chest.