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For ordering the right size of protective plastic liner for your cooler, measure on the top side of cooler and inside dimensions.

The perfect accessory for your cooler / ice chest

Gordy has come up with a revolutionary, yet simple solution: a removable, disposable cooler liner that keeps your coolers fresh. No smells, no mess and NO scrubbing.

Installing the All-In liner is easy. Here are some quick how-to videos to show you how it's done. Order Your Liner Now!

Use Same Calculator for Recycle Bin As Use for Cooler Measurements to Get Liner Now

No Smells! No Mess!
NO Scrubbing!

  • The unique adhesive strip keeps your liner secure in your cooler.
  • Easy to use drain tube and 100% disposable.
  • The sanitary liner adheres to the inside rim of your cooler and is disposable, keeping the inside of your cooler clean and free of debris
  • All-In liners are designed and made in the USA.


Handy dandy! I recently needed to do a lot of painting, and these bucket liners are really slick. Heavy duty. I didn't use the drain on the bottom, but that is a great idea. I was surprised to find 3 liners in my package. Thanks!

Unique Disposable Protective
Cooler or Bucket Liner!

There is no other product like it on the market today.