Wine, Beverage & Keg Coolers Liner

The All-In liner is a unique disposable protective liner that adheres to the inside of your cooler or ice chest. The All-In liner is distinctive. There is no other product like it on the market today. Our product safeguards your Wine, Beverage & Keg coolers and protects them from the dirt and debris that inevitably find their way inside. Made from high-quality low density polyethelenespecial blend , the durable All-In liner is designed to keep all of your coolers as clean and new as the day you bought them. There are 16 different liner sizes. That means there is a liner that will fit virtually every cooler that is manufactured today, from a small 16 quart carry-along to a mega-sized 160 quart whopper. There is even a handy liner that fits 5 or 6 gallon plastic buckets.

The All-In liner features a handy drain tube that fits right into your cooler’s drain hole and is secured by closing the cooler drain cap. When you are done using the cooler simply snip the end of the drain tube and allow the cooler to drain. It’s that simple.  When wanting to seal the plug up again you are able to stretch the material. You can then tie the end of the drain tube for one additional use or dispose of the liner.

Each pack contains 3 liners.Once you see how incredibly easy they are to install and how clean and fresh they keep your cooler you’ll want to purchase several packs. Think about how much money you spend on coolers. Wouldn’t it be nice if they would be clean, sanitary, and odor free for years without having to replace them? When you use All-In liners your coolers will remain grime, stain and odor free for many, many years. That’s makes the All-In liner a great investment for your household.