RTIC Coolers Liner

This is a quality protective liner for coolers/ice chests. The sanitary liner adheres to the inside rim of your cooler and is disposable, keeping the inside of your cooler clean and free of debris.


Liner For RTIC 20QT, 45Qt, 65QT, 110QT

Model: RTIC 20 Cooler
Interior: 17.5L x 11.25W x 15H
Liner Size: 31.5L x 21.5W
Model: RTIC 45 Cooler
Interior: 25.20L x 13.10W x 15.20H
Liner Size: 40.5L x 21.5W
Model: RTIC 65 Cooler
Interior: 30.10L x 15.50W x 17.50H
Liner Size: 55L x 24W
Model: RTIC 110 Cooler
Interior: 33.10L x 17.15W x 19.10H
Liner Size: 55L x 24W